How are you? It's so typical of me to talk about myself...

Sorry, I couldn't resist; that song is EVERYWHERE and has been stuck in my head the past two weeks. I also felt like it's a pretty appropriate greeting since I've been a little MIA in the blogosphere lately.

I don't really have an excuse except that life has been exceptionally busy and my time in front of the computer has been limited. I have, however, been working really hard behind the scenes both in my personal and professional lives and I wanted to give you all a quick update about what's ahead for myself, my cards, and Ashes and Wine!

Yoga Teacher Training
On the personal front, I took a huge Fool-like leap of faith and started Yoga Teacher Training at Zen Yoga Garage here in Chicago. It's been a life-altering experience in the best way possible, and I'm not only excited about the personal transformation I'm seeing, but can't wait to see what I can bring to the table professionally to help my practices and business further enrich and empower YOU guys! It's amazing how many parallels I'm seeing between Yoga and Tarot as journeys to Oneness, and I can't wait to explore them further! 

KickAss Interview
While I've been off the blog for a bit, I've still been hustling those who inspire me most to join me for a Tarot-view on their Tarot practices, creative businesses, and over-all magical lives. My next Tarot-view is with the KickAss Witch herself, Joanna DeVoe, and I can't WAIT to share all of her incredible insights with you guys! 

Fountain Tarot interview
Another interview I'm dying to share with you guys is with the creators of my beloved Fountain Tarot. This one will be up shortly for reading AND listening, along with a very special surprise heading your way ;-)

Tarot T-Shirts
While on the subject of interviews (don't you just love 'em? Glad to see that Journalism degree is finding some use!), I was recently interviewed by the creators of Tarot T-shirts about Ashes and Wine, my Tarot practice, and some other fun little bits and bobs. I'm honored and excited to have taken part, and as soon as it's up I'll share it across the social media board!

Last but most certainly not least, I've decided to host a FREE webinar via Google Hangouts to discuss utilizing Tarot to find your own personal MAGIC! I'm SO EXCITED to do this and have already had some amazing feedback. Click here to find out more info and I hope that you'll join me!

That's all for now. Much love and gratitude to you all.

Until next time!