New Years Magic: A Four Card Spread

The New Year is always a time of transition and new beginnings, so why should 2016 be any different? 

I feel like both personally and collectively, 2015 was a huge year, and it only makes me more excited to see what the next twelve months will bring. To help ring them in, I devised a little Tarot spread to help us look at the biggest lesson of the past year, how we can move forward with it, and what we can do to help manifest some pretty awesome magic in 2016.

1. What major lesson did you learn in 2015?

2. How can you carry that lesson over into 2016?

3. What major opportunity or chance will you encounter in 2016?

4. How can you best take advantage of it to make 2016 empowering and magical?

Have a safe, amazing, and wonderful New Year!