The Heart of the Tarot

It took me a long time to get through this book, mostly due to its slightly encyclopedic format mixed with my short attention span, but it was worth the read. This book focuses on the two-card layout that I commonly use, while also talking about the meaning and symbolism in each individual card. It seems like it would be great for beginners. One thing that I really loved was that it included a picture of each card, one from the Rider Waite Smith deck and one from the Robin Wood deck, next to each card explanation. While I don’t own the Robin Wood deck, it’s full of interesting and useful symbolism, so its inclusion was helpful. I didn’t agree with every interpretation the authors put forth, especially some of the position-based interpretations next to the card explanations, (and like I’ve said before, if someone’s interpretation doesn’t match yours, it’s your own gut you should follow), but there was a lot of material that I could use to help build my own interpretations. Finally, it includes sample two-card readings, which were really helpful.