Past Life Spread adapted by Maya and Meritinpu

(originally inspired by and adapted and tweaked from here or  here)

I’d been talking to some of my followers about doing past life Tarot Spread and I figured I’d go ahead and post this to share with everyone. This is the best one my roommate and I use all the time when trying to figure out and work on our past lives. Hope you enjoy.

Best to be done with only the Major Arcana for the main cards. Additional cards (i.e. like the blank black ones in the image) can be done with Court Cards and Minor Arcana.

1 - This card indicates who you were in a specific past life

2 - This is what you did

3 - This is your life’s purpose in that life

4 - This indicates whether/how this purpose was resolved or attained

5 - This is what was carried forward. i.e. talents, preferences, etc.

6 - This is how this past life manifests in your present life

7 - This shows what the circumstances were that you were born in to. Also indicative of your childhood.

8 - This was your youth or adolescent years.

9 - This card shows how your life was in your middle years and adulthood.

10 - This card shows your later years, end of life, and circumstances around your death

11 - This card explains what your karmic lessons are in this life related to the events from your past life

12 - This card explains what your current life’s purpose is related to your past life

Extra Cards you can pull:

Was one of your soul mates present in this life? (You can focus this card on any particular person as well like parents, friends, etc. A positive card meaning will indicate that ‘yes, said person was there.’)

What was this person like? (This is where I like to use Court Cards especially to indicate their personality. Sometimes I combine both this card and the previous card and just use one card. Up to you.)

What was the relationship like with this person? (You can use any card type here. Depends on my mood and the reading so far if I use only Major Arcana or incorporate the Minor Arcana.)

You might even try pulling a card to see where/when you might have lived, what you looked like, etc. I primarily focus on the relationships I had with people for my additional card pulls.