Card of the Day: Queen of Swords, reversed

I tried something different today. Instead of pulling my COD at the beginning of the day, I decided to do it at the end as a a reflection of my day in order to gain more insight not only of my day but the card’s interpretation as well.

As a court card, and a ruler, this card definitely represents myself and my role at work. As someone who runs a business for a living, I can definitely relate to the “ruling” aspect of this card. I’m the boss, and in doing so I’m in charge of the well being of not only myself, but my staff and the business we all run together. Interestingly enough I drew The Emperor the other day in another work related spread, so I’m seeing a theme here ;-)

To me, this card is about controlling your emotions. While a person or event may get you riled up, or angered, or hurt, a leader must always keep a level head and think things through before their emotions get the better of them.
Tonight’s events at work definitely sum up this card perfectly. I always have to make sure my emotions are in check for the betterment of my store, but an unexpected instance caught me off guard. I didn’t and couldn’t think clearly and ended up clouded and nervous instead of authoritative and direct; the reversal speaks to this.

While no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, this card is a reminder to relax, take a breath, and think before you speak and act. Lesson learned!