Card of the Day: Four of Pentacles

I wasn’t going to pull a COD today, but while shuffling the cards for my daily reading this guy not only jumped out TWICE but then appeared in my reading. I figured I should listen to what it has to tell me…

"Money can’t buy happiness" is this card’s slogan. It’s a warning that if you put money, wealth, work, and material gains before anything else, you’ll miss out on what really matters. The man in this card has a crown, fine robes, a bustling kingdom, and seemingly all the money he could hope for. The expression on his face, however, is that of discontent, almost sorrow. All he has is his wealth, and while he can hug it as close as he wants, it won’t love him back. That may seem corny and a little strange, but it’s a great lesson: no matter how much money and wealth you obtain, the important things in life are love, family, friends, and doing what makes you happy.

This card strikes a cord in me as I feel like the guy above sometimes. I have a great job that pays well, but it’s not always fulfilling or enjoyable. I feel like I limit myself in what I want to do because my job has allowed me to become accustomed to a certain way of life, and while this is a blessing, quitting my job to start my own business or go back to school is challenging when you have bills, student loan debt, and a new apartment to pay for.

It’s a great reminder for me to be happy with what I have but to not let money and work dictate my life. If I can’t go back to school, see what classes are available online; if I can’t start my own business take tiny steps and start a blog or Etsy shop; if debt is becoming overbearing see what can be cut back on so payments can be higher and debt paid off quicker.

Money may make the world go ‘round, but it doesn’t have be the only thing that makes mine move.