Card of the Day: Ten of Pentacles (reversed)

This is the first time I’ve done any sort of reading using reversed cards. I wanted to be sure that I felt comfortable enough with each card before I started flipping them on their heads! After months of study, however, I feel I’m finally there and this card could not have been more accurate for my Card of the Day!

The Ten of Pentacles is usually a card of fulfillment, completion; happy home, happy work, all of your personal and professional elements coming to a positive, fulfilling head.

This is normally how I feel. I have a great job, a loving boyfriend, friends and family I love, and an all around positive outlook on life. This has been a tough week, however. Work has been insane, my “in-laws” (boyfriend’s parents) are in town which I feel is a taxing affair for MOST people, and to top it all off I’ve been under the weather all week. My energy and mental facilities are at a low right now, and this reversed card is the perfect example of how I’ve been feeling.

The reversed position is a clear visual that while things are all around positive, not everything is where it should be. It’s the perfect reminder that while I may not be at 100% today, I shouldn’t let that cloud my vision to all the great things in my life!

I’m actually quite happy this little upside down family showed up this morning. They’re telling me to keep my head up and continue taking in love and light!