A good friend of mine requested a reading for a general but detailed look on her life yesterday. After talking to her casually for a few hours and catching up with what’s been going on in her life, I felt that it would be best if I came up with a spread to look at different parts of her life and what changes she can make, if any, for things to work optimally. I also felt like I should dedicate part of the spread to looking at any obstacles that might be working against her. Overall, the reading was successful and well-received, and for me, as I mentioned in this post, one of the most accurate and intuitive ones I’ve done.

I call this the GET THOSE GOOD VIBES FLOWIN’ spread.

  1. The querent at this moment
  2. Obstacle #1 blocking the flow of energy in the querent’s life
  3. Obstacle #2 blocking the flow of energy in the querent’s life
  4. Obstacle #3 blocking the flow of energy in the querent’s life
  5. How can the querent make the most of their education
  6. How can the querent build more stable, long-lasting, and trustworthy friendships
  7. How can the querent clear out negative energy in their life that is preventing them from sending out and receiving love
  8. How can the querent achieve optimal family life and develop close and loving familial bonds
  9. How can the querent seek out and make the best of career opportunities
  10. A weakness that may prevent them from achieving their goals
  11. A strength that may help them achieve their goals
  12. A final message

It’s a pretty extensive spread, like I mentioned. It covers a whole lot but is still detailed enough to leave the querent with some really solid advice on what changes they can make. For my friend, most of those changes were pretty obvious. They were problems that she has had to battle against in the past, so the reading really just brought them to her attention once more.

She has requested that I post the reading up for reference, so here it is.

  1. You, right now: Eight of Pentacles — You are experiencing a period of time where work may seem routine or monotonous, but you’re doing it anyway to prove to yourself or to someone else that you can do it.
  2. Obstacle #1: The Moon — You may be delving a bit too much into mystery and illusion. While associating darkness with profoundness may be helpful and inspiring to a certain extent, too much of it may leave you feeling depressed. Be weary of where you are finding inspiration when it comes to being creative.
  3. Obstacle #2: Six of Pentacles — There may be an excess or lack of something in your life. The Pentacles suit deals with material and tangible matters such as finance and health. If you have something in excess, don’t be afraid to give part of it away. And if you are in need of something, do not let pride get in the way of you humbly asking for what you need. This is a call to restore equilibrium in your life.
  4. Obstacle #3: The Star — While the Star is a beautiful card representing spiritual guidance in the darkest of times, it also carries a reminder to make sure that you are following the correct star, the correct form of guidance. It is a warning not to be swayed by sweet-talkers, and to always be discerning, even at your lowest. (This card came up in the Present position when I did a Past/Present/Future reading for her a few hours prior to this one. During that reading, I felt led to warn her to make sure that she is following the right star, — her star — because it can be tempting to blindly, without discernment, follow any form of guidance or light when you’re in a dark place.)
  5. Education: Two of Cups — This is a reminder that you get what you give. When I was explaining this card to her, I mentioned that the Cups suit represents passion and emotion, and she asked if the card could be a reminder to put in more passion into her work if she wanted to see results. I told her that it could. I see the card as exchanging promises to do certain things for each other, so I told her to think back on how she felt about her classes when she first started, and if anything has changed since then. And she said yes, that her problem was that things were getting very routine, and that she was losing passion. (This relates back to Card #1.)
  6. Friendship: Seven of Cups — The daydream card. I believe it was sending her two messages: One, to get back to reality before she gets too caught up and lost in delusions; and two, to stop over-thinking and creating more issues (or dreaming up entirely different issues) than there actually are.
  7. Love: Knight of Swords — This is another message to stop over-thinking, definitely, but also a reminder to think rationally. This did not come up when I was explaining the reading to her, but I wish to say it now. I know you personally and I know you are a rational person, but this card indicates that you lose your rationality when you are faced with a new project, idea, or potential relationship (it could be a friendship) that you are excited about. You put yourself in difficult situations by not thinking rationally about things beforehand. This is not a green light to over-think, darling, but it is a message to think rationally, not emotionally, before starting anything new.
  8. Family: The Devil — This is a message to let go and relax. It is a message that you should not be in denial about your desires. They are normal, and they are not bad, and being honest to yourself and to your family about certain things may actually strengthen your familial bonds.
  9. Career: The Empress — The Empress is the card of creativity; she is the fertile womb where every seed thrives and flourishes. This card, I believe, is an assurance that the ground is good. The soil is fertile, and there is a good chance for you to succeed. All you need to do is go out there and look for the seeds to plant; go out there and find opportunities.
  10. Weakness: King of Swords — Kings in any suit represent mastery of the characteristics that the suit represents. While mastery is usually a good thing, the King of Swords, to me, carries a “get off your high horse” warning. What caught my attention immediately in this reading was the raised platform that the King’s throne was seated on. I felt as though it was a warning against getting arrogant about what you have mastered.
  11. Strength: Queen of Wands — You have a creative mind and you are initiative. Not only can you think up a great idea, but you can also make it happen. That is your strength, so keep developing it.
  12. Final message: Ten of Wands — Don’t take on more than what you can handle. A desire for power and control is normal, and some people do great in those kind of leadership roles, but think about what responsibilities you will have to take on before accepting any duties. (I drew this card for the Past position in the previous reading for her. I pointed this out and she said that she felt as though it was a message to not repeat her past mistakes.)

It felt really good to give a friend advice and warn her against anything that may bring her down. Extensive spreads such as this one can be exhausting, but definitely worth doing. If any of you try it out, do let me know how it works out for you.


Deck: (Radiant) Rider-Waite Tarot deck
Date: 7th June, 2013
Venue: Home Away From Home

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