What do you think is the best way for a totally new person to introduce themselves to tarot and their tarot cards? How should someone practice if they don't really have anyone to practice with? Thanks!


Ok, when I first started learning tarot, I didn’t know anyone else who did tarot.. and I wasn’t on tumblr yet lol

Before I even got my own deck, I downloaded the Galaxy Tarot app for my phone and studied the meanings whenever I had a spare moment.  Waiting in line at the grocery store, on the bus, whenever I could.

It sounds like you have a deck already though, so I’ll tell you what I tell all the newbies

Get yourself a journal.  Or a notebook.  Whatever.  Go through your cards one by one and write down EVERYTHING you notice.  What’s going on?  What are the characters thinking?  What do you think those butterflies symbolize?  What colors are dominant, what’s the weather like?  What emotions do you feel when you look at the card.  Write down everything and anything that comes to mind… and if you get a card and you’re confused about it, that’s ok.  Write that down, too.  And when you’re done with each card, compare it to what the LWB says.  Don’t get discouraged if you’re off the mark, because you’re not wrong.  This exercise isn’t a test, it’s a way for you to get familiar with your cards and to kick start your own intuition.  You’ll probably see that a lot of your interpretations are already similar to the traditional meanings.  This doesn’t have to be done in a day or a week.  There are 78 cards to go through, don’t rush it!  I’d suggest doing 1-3 a day if you have time.

As for practice, constantine-spiritworker recently blogged an awesome tip:  do tarot readings on situations you’ve gone through in the past.  I wish I had thought of this instead of inventing fake questions to read for when I was practicing lol  Since you already know what’s happened, you’ll have a solid frame of reference for determining how the cards fit the situation.. and you’ll probably learn a thing or two about the feelings and motivations of the people that were involved.  When you get a little more comfortable, try offering small readings to your followers.  I know I love being a guinea pig for new readers!