Card of the Day 9/22/2014: Wheel of Fortune, reversed

IMG_5723.PNG To put it mildly, Karma's a bitch.

The Wheel of Fortune is a card all about fate, destiny, and the completion of a stage of life, and reversed tells us that there's no hiding from the consequences of our decisions. While we ultimately control our fate, sometimes the Universe sends us a swift kick in the butt to remind us we're out of line and no decision comes without consequence.

Instead of running from these lessons, learn from them. We're all human and are all prone to (and all make) mistakes. That's one of the great things about life: no matter what we do or how we act, we're always able to continue learning!

Use this as an opportunity to think about some of the actions in your life that were less than your best decisions; if you feel a rebuttal from the Universe today, use it as a reminder to watch making that mistake again. If you don't, what do you think you need to reflect on to make sure karma doesn't come a'callin'? How does this card tie into this week's Card of the Week (The Three of Swords)?

Remember, YOU are ultimately in charge of your life. If the Universe decides to send you a lesson or two, I'd suggest listen to it with an open heart and mind to continue your path to a higher self!