Card of the Day 9/26/14: Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch (Judgement)

IMG_5759.PNG Judgment is usually a call to freedom. You've gained needed knowledge, accomplished your tasks, and you're ready to move toward final enlightenment.

Reversed, however, it's telling you to hold up. You may not have learned the lessons you need to, and throwing in the towel before you're ready may lead to disappointment and even more road blocks.

Put the eggs down, step away from the proverbial chicken basket, and take stock of what you've learned so far compared to what you NEED to learn to get where you want to be. You may have learned countless lessons in order to reach your intended goal, but just because you've put in the work doesn't mean it's over.

Make sure the decisions you're making are ones that will help you accomplish your goal. Some may be easier than others or seem like the right ones to have made in the past, but ensure that they're all helping you toward your goal instead of hindering you.

The ending is in sight, but you're still not quite there. Examine, reflect, and continue your learning; it will all be worth it when every one of your eggs hatches into a thriving little chicken coop!