Card of the Day 9/23/14: What Liz Lemon and the Four of Cups Have in Common

IMG_5736.PNG Every feel like you have too much of a good thing? So does the Four of Cups. While it's nice to have options, always getting what you want or trying to "have at all!" (as Liz Lemon would say) can start to feel exhausting and make you feel disengaged.

Today's card asks you to start moderating the options, projects, and relationships in your life so that you don't burn the candle at both ends and wind up exhausted. While ambition is an enviable trait, it doesn't do any good if it stars wearing on you emotionally.

Step back today and assess what needs your attention TODAY. You may want to finish that book, and go to the gym, and finish that presentation, and go to that new restaurant, and call that cute boy who gave you his phone number last weekend, and finish those tarot readings in your e-mail inbox (oh, wait...that's just me), but guess what: you're only human.

Compartmentalize and look at what NEEDS to happen FIRST and then go from there. You'd be surprised how fulfilled you feel as you go down your list and check things off. It's a nice outline to map out what needs your energy the most so you can be sure to give 100% of yourself to100% of those asking for it!