Card of the Day 9/24/2014: Big Boys Do Cry (The King of Cups)

IMG_5752.PNG Nothing says boss man like a king; regal, wise, in control, maybe a bit of a hard ass. But what happens when said hard ass isn't afraid to express his feelings? Ladies and gentleman, I give you the King of Cups.

This card is a reminder that it's ok to feel. If you're afraid of being seen as weak or emotional, that's other peoples's problems, not your's. While you should exercise reasonable control over your urge to throw a fit when the mail's late or breakdown over your missed bus, don't be afraid to show your softer side when you're feeling vulnerable.

Even the king is human, and emotions flow through even the toughest exteriors. How you act and react can have a huge impact on how others view you. Be sensitive to your and other's feelings: a little empathy can go a long way!