Deconstructing Tarot: The Fool

IMG_5746.PNG A symbol of hope, fresh starts, and innocent naivety, The Fool is the first card of the Major Arcana and the beginning of the spiritual journey that the Tarot represents. But besides its fresh-faced youth and care-free spirit, what else within the card reinforces these meanings?

Take a closer look at it and see what else draws your attention. How do these symbols strengthen the card's overall meaning and interpretation ?

  • "0" -  both a beginning and an ending; coming full circle
  • The Cliff - A leap of faith; an ending and a new beginning; stepping off into the unknown; unforeseen/unexpected dangers
  • The Mountains - "View from the top"; seeing things clearer; over coming obstacles; a difficult journey; starting from the bottom
  • The Dog - loyalty; protection; companionship; follows wherever you go
  • The Sun - a new beginning; lighting the way; hope
  • The White Rose - innocence; fragility
  • The Knapsack - naivety (not much packed for a whole 22 card journey!); independence

Within these symbols lies an over-all message of new beginnings, starting over, and the first steps of a new journey. In the case of Tarot, the whole isn't always greater then the sum of the parts it's made of; in fact, it's those parts that make up such rich and symbolic cards!

Knowing how to read each symbol separately as well as together will help not only enhance your reading, but help you better interpret the cards when they show up in spreads. If nothing comes to you when reading the card as a whole, take a look at the symbols within the card and see how they can help reinforce what you believe the card is trying to tell you.

Above all else, listen to your intuition! If a book, website, YouTuber, blogger, or fellow reader interprets a card different than you do, NO BIGGIE! In fact, it's a testament to how rich the symbolism is in these cards.

Learn the basics and trust your gut. That's the key to successful card interpretations!