Card of the Day 10/10/14: Unload and Unwind (The Ten of Wands)

IMG_5943.PNG The Ten of Wands again...coincidence?

It seems appropriate that this card would show up on a Friday. For a lot of the world, today is the last day of the ol' 9-5 before the revelry of the weekend begins. As opposed to Monday, where this card reminded us to bear the load of the week ahead, today it's letting us know the time has come to unload our problems from the past few days and get ready for the rest we deserve.

But just because the end is in sight doesn't mean we can or need to rush to get our work done. You've carried these proverbial sticks for almost 5 days now, so what good would it be if you just dropped them in a heap and peaced out? Take care to tie up lose ends and finish your work fully so you can walk way from it with confidence. You deserve to have a relaxing weekend, and worrying about the mess you left on Friday will only stress you out!