Card of the Day 10/16/2014: Bird's Eye View (Nine of Pentacles)

IMG_6050.JPG One of the strangest things about this card is the bird. The beautiful women in her blooming garden and fine robes has a masked bird on her hand as if it's the most normal thing in the world.

When I first started with Tarot, I understood this card to mean abundance; and I still hold to that meaning. However, I never understood the bird and usually, for the lack of a better word, ignored it. Today is different. When I pulled this card the bird caught my eye and I became determined to undertsntd it's presence in the card.

My conclusion is this: it's about control. While this card is about wealth, gain, and abundance, it's also letting us know that you can't achieve those things without discipline and constraints. This women was able to build her apparent fortune but didn't do it without a plan or self-control. Budgeting, planning, and restraint went into her success, and this to me is signified by the bird. She was able to take an animal who is known for it's freedom and seemingly uncontrollable existence and was able to tame and CONTROL it.

SO , what does she have to tell us today? If you'e looking to amass a fortune, get ready to work for it. Almost nothing, especially those things worth their salt, come for free. You need to put in the work, expect setbacks, and never let failure stop you. Learn to tame your inhibitions and worries and control those things which may cause setbacks. Set a course, put the work in, and keep at it; you'll find these are the practices which will help you soar!