Card of the Day 10/23/2014: The Divine Masculine (The King of Cups)

IMG_6145.JPGA king in elegant robes stands on a cliff and watches the ships as they sail toward the shore. He points to the cup beside him as if letting the sailors know food and drink await their return from the stormy sea and treacherous journey they've been on. Strong. Caring. Forthright. Objective. Noble. Selfless. Sensitive.

To me, the King of Cups represents the man we should all aspire to be. He's noble and caring, but brave and selfless; what other king would brave the elements to ensure his sailors have a safe return with meal and drink waiting for them when they dock? He shows us that to be truly "masculine", we must be in touch with the feelings and emotions that put self-love on the back burner to make way for the love and needs of others. Being in touch with your emotions is a beautiful experience, and we should never hide them for fear of being put down.

I've been doing some research on the Divine Masculine, and find it such a beautiful synchronicity that this is the card pulled for today. The King of Cups so perfectly sums up what it means to be in touch with masculine divinity, and lets us know that a world of selfish, uncaring, dishonorable, and impervious thoughts and actions will be no good for any of us.

Today, stop and think about your actions. Are you making sure to be aware of how others feel or how you may be making them feel? Are your actions today selfish or selfless? How can you make sure to find your own happiness while helping others do the same ? Are the two really all that different?

The King of Cups asks a lot of questions and in turn wants to give you a many answers as possible. Be receptive to your emotions and the emotions of others, and you'll find the answers will flow more freely than you could have thought.