Card of the Day 10/24/2014: Turn That Frown Upside Down (The Tower)

IMG_6171.JPG Disruption. Upheaval. Unexpected Change. Stirring or Shaking the Core Foundations.

After the out pouring of creative enegery I felt during yesterday's New Moon, I was a bit surprised that The Tower was my pull for today. I half expected it to be a Wands card, or even The Fool or a Page. I was really productive and creatively energized, and I've gelt that energy carry over into this morning.

However, I stopped to think about it and I'm a little excited to have this usually ominous card as my daily draw. Usually a card of associated with not-so-pleasant feelings, I began to think of all its meaning in a more positive light.

I really feel I'm onto to something huge with all of the developments for Ashes and Wine tarot, and I have gained a different perspective of this card. All of its negative traits seem to point toward something positive. Yes, I still think it means unexpected change and disruption, but if that chance and disturbance is to my everyday life, it may mean that it's making room for something else to grow.

In order for anything or anyone to blossom into whatever their next phase is, they usually have to shed the proverbial skin of the old one. It's my belief that if I, or any of you, have these sudden transformations, we need to look at what positive aspects they will bring to light and stir away from how negative they may feel in the moment.

I hate to use the old adage about a silver-lining, but it seems appropriate here. The Tower does suggest the unexpected, but the unexpected isn't always bad. Be open to change and where it can lead you; you might be pleasantly surprised.