Card of the Day 10/9/2014: Focus Hocus Pocus (King of Swords, reversed)

IMG_5930.JPG Straight talking, excellent communication skills, and analytical almost to a fault, The King of Swords signifies that straight-forward leadership that promises concise, clear problem solving and "no fuss, no muss" solutions to your problems. This is something all of us could use on occasion, especially those of us who tend toward the creative; all of those swirling colors and sparking ideas need some guidance to help us get from dreams and aspirations to actions and results.

Reversed, it looks like we're having some trouble finding that needed mental clarity to help our ideas become a reality. Speaking for myself, I have a stack of books I plan on reading, a thousand and one ideas for my Tarot business, reading requests in my inbox that need tending to, a shopping list for of trinkets and magical oddities I plan on buying, and a million other mental intents that seem to keep piling up. So what's the deal? Why can't we cut to the chase and take some action?

This King reversed is asking us those very same questions. He's asking us you to look at our plans and examine our courses of action. There's clearly a block or two and we need to figure it out before we become mentally exhausted and decide to throw in the towel before anything is completed.

If is a fear of failure? An inability to problem solve? Unable to effectively prioritize? Even the most creatively ambitious of us need to take the time to plan and think out the best courses of action before we propel forward with our plans. Use today to make some lists, plot out some plans, and resolve to solve why your creativity may not be flourishing like it should! Some sharp self-examination could lead to fluid and unstoppable possibilities!