Card of the Day 10/11/2014: The Waiting Game (Seven of Pentacles, reversed)

IMG_5951.PNG I hate to use an exacerbated idiom, but "A watched pot never boils!" This sums up the Seven of Pentacles reversed quite nicely.

You've put the work in and now you're ready to reap what you've sown. But patience is key, my friend. Have faith in knowing that you've done all you can. From here on out all that's left to do is wait!

So how can you make the time go faster? Keep planning and keep working! If you're waiting to hear about that job interview, send a follow-up e-mail to thank then for their time; if you're waiting for that next paycheck, look at where you can save now to help alleviate some of those money woes; not seeing the results of your new workout regime? Keep at it!

Nothing worth having comes easily; a lot of the rewards in life come from earning what we have. Forge ahead and have confidence that the payoff is on the horizon!