Card of the Day 10/14/14: Impassioned Choices (The Lovers, reversed)

IMG_6027.PNG Passions, romance, burning desire, and impassioned choices are all represented in the enigmatic The Lovers card. One of my personal favorites, it's a card which can have several interpretations, from intense sexual attraction to having to make a difficult or meaningful choice; the underlying theme here is PASSION.

Reversed it's telling us to examine the passion in our life. It doesn't have to have romantic or sexual connotations; it could be passion for your job, your hobbies, for your partner or relationship. What's lacking? How can you keep the spark going or ignite one if it's somehow been vanquished?

You may have a choice to make regarding how to keep the spark alive. Do you keep fanning the flames or extinguish them and move on? The Lovers reversed asks a lot of questions and wants to know the answers as soon as possible. Take the time today to see how you can keep the passion alive and the flames in your life burning bright!