Card of the Day 10/17/2014: Work Hard, Play Hard (Temperance)

IMG_6053.PNGAs we head into the weekend, remember that finding a balance is integral in life.

On this Friday, this card is asking you to consider the "Work hard, play hard" mantra. While we are all entitled to let off some steam after a long work week, it might be wise to consider just how hard we are working and playing.

If you live at the office 60+ hours a week, you will naturally want to go just as hard at the bar, at a party, or on those two large pizzas and case of beer on Friday night. Likewise, it you LIVE for the weekend, your work may suffer and you may not be as productive or focused.

It's important to recognize that finding balance helps improve the overall quality of life. If you find you're working WAY too hard and it's complicating your personal life, it might be wise to see how you can cut back so you don't dive into a spiral of bad decisions the minute you leave work on Friday.

Likewise, recognize that work is important, and if you find all you want to do is leave, evaluate what you can do to be happier and to find fulfillment in what you do outside the weekend.

Balance is key, and once you find it, life will flow a much smoother course!