Card of the Day 10/20/2014: Whistle While You Work (Eight of Pentacles)

IMG_6100.PNGThis guy is one of the most unassuming figures in the entire tarot deck. He's not concerned with falling from a tower or fighting off the opposition; he's not riding swiftly into battle or sitting atop his high horse; he's just working diligently and keeping to himself. He's a fantastic reminder that sometimes hard work and determination are the best keys to success.

Today, remember that not everyone likes a show off. You may be the best one for the job, but that doesn't mean you've earned or even deserve it. It may be best to keep your head down, stay focused, and barrel through what you've got to do. Recognition can come at the most unexpected times, but shouldn't be reason for your diligence.

Examine why you're doing what you're doing; if it's not because you enjoy the work, think about what it is you're actually after.