Card of the Day 10/21/2014: Practical Makes Perfect (The King of Pentacles)

IMG_6128.PNGResponsible. Pragmatic. Practical. Healthy. Down to Earth. Mature. Good with finances. Prefers the comforts of home. Frugal, but generous.

The best way for me to understand the tricky court cards are to describe what I believe their personalities inhabit, and the above descriptions sum up the King of Pentacles for me perfectly.

When I come across a card that I may not understand right away, the best thing for me to do is just go with my gut and start some free association; what comes out is often surprising and spot on. Trust your instincts in times like this, for you often know more than you think you do!

So, what's this regal man telling us today? (Side-note: his outfit is my favorite of all the cards...I would wear the shit out of that robe! Any-who...) Take a look at the practical aspects of life today. The King of Pentacles, in true Virgo form, only wants what's best for us and urges you to take care of those problems that you may have been put off again and again (and again).

Pay that late credit card bill, make that dentist appointment, call your mom. Taking care of the practical, no matter how mundane, ensures that your ducks are in a row when you want to be the true Fire/Air/Water sign you are and be a little IMpractical.