Card of the Day 10/28/2014: Is It All About The Benjamins? (The Four of Pentacles)

IMG_6234.PNGMoney is a necessary evil. If you ask me, a lot of the world's troubles could be solved if money was irrelevant and we still lived off the land like the peoples who came before us. However, in today's society that's just not possible.

So, what does the Four of Pentacles have to tell us about The Benjamins?

You need to make sure that you aren't spending erroneously. So much of what makes money such an influential tool in our society is its power; you can't go to college, buy a house, make a doctor's appointment, or take care of loved ones or yourself without it. It holds more power than we realize and we need to make sure we're able to have enough to keep our lives afloat.

At the same time you need to watch that you don't become miser-ish. Society may be very money centered, but it doesn't mean you have to be. Save for the necessities, but don't forget to give a little of what you get; donate to a charity, help a friend out without expecting something back, spend a LITTLE spontaneously and go on that trip you've always wanted. Life's too short to constantly be concerned with bills and debts, and we need to spread the good fortune while we can.

This card says a lot about money because we let money say a lot about us. Remember to give a little, get a little, and maybe splurge on that something special once in a while.