Card of the Day 10/29/2014: The Zenith of Emotional Maturity (The King of Cups)

IMG_6240.PNGAir and Water meet within the figure of the King of Cups.

Commanding but thoughtful, strong but sensitive, analytical but in touch with his emotions, this dichotomy of elements melds into a beautiful archetype that asks us to examine our emotional maturity and willingness to combine our mental facilities with our ability to feel, love, and show compassion and emotion.

He's someone who thinks before he feels but never denies his emotions; he merely makes sure they are justified and thought out before he chooses to express them.

Think about how you get your point across today and be sure it's not too much of one approach. Too harsh and critical could be misconstrued as unfeeling but masking needed analysis and emotional expression behind a facade of sensitivity will only loose the point you are attempting to get across.

A balance between thought and feeling will help ensure emotional maturity in all of your decisions today.