Card of the Day 10/6/2014: Load Bearing (The Ten of Wands)

IMG_5891.PNG Life can be a real bitch. You can work, toil, plan, and hope for the best, but sometimes the end result is nowhere near what you wanted. That for me sums up the Ten of Wands.

You may have worked your ass off to get where you are, but the load you now bear is heavier and more complicated than you thought or expected. Just because we reach a resolution of a goal doesn't mean the work is over; every ending is a new beginning, and sometimes the dust gets kicked back up as soon as it settles.

The lesson, however, is how we react to this cycle. Do we throw in the towel and give up, or do we accept that every challenge we face is an opportunity to learn; about life and ones own existence.

The journey can more often than not also be the destination. Instead of focusing solely on a result that may not be what you expect, examine what you've learned along the way; it'll make whatever load you're bearing that much easier to carry.