Card of the Day 10/7/2014: Tuesday is the Wuresday (Two of Pentacles, reversed)

IMG_5900.PNG Today isn't a balancing act...there is no balance. With Mercury in retrograde and the general lameness that is a Tuesday (THE WEEKEND IS SO FAR AWAY), it'll be best to expect some off-kilter activity and just run with it (actually, just stand or you risk falling on your ass).

Today will be the perfect day to remember the universal inevitables that plague us as basic humans; breaking a nail, locking yourself out of your house, getting yelled at by your boss (AND IT'S ONLY TUESDAY), spilling your coffee. Sometimes shit happens; we just need to remember to handle it with decency and a sense of humor.

Nothing is as bad as it seems, and as long as you remember that, the Universe will help you put things back in order sooner rather than later!

Have I mentioned it's only Tuesday?