Card of the Day 10/8/2014: Happy with What You Have (Ace of Pentacles, reversed)

IMG_5904.PNGThings still aren't right today, especially in regards to the tangible aspects of our lives.

The Ace of Pentacles usually heralds a new job opportunity, some financial gain, good health, or acquisition of some material gain; reversed it tells us to hold on to what we already have. The energy needed and required to obtain the above isn't there today, so it's best to reflect on your current earthly matters.

Instead of looking at what you DON'T have, take a look at what you DO have. Can't afford that iPhone upgrade? I bet your phone now works fine. Didn't get the raise you wanted? Hey, you've still got a job! Feeling a little under the weather? Take a personal day, cozy up with some tea and Netflix, and take the time to recover.

It's not the time to push ourselves or expect more than we need or can handle. Be happy with what you have, sort out what you don't need, and make room for more to enter your life when you're ready for it. Reversals can turn upright when the effort is put in!