Card of the Week 10/5/14-10/11/14: Some Major Balance (The Moon, reversed/Temperance)


A reversal and TWO Major Arcana...looks like an interesting week ahead!

I only meant to pull one card, but as I was shuffling, Temperance "jumped" out, so I set it aside and then pulled The Moon, reversed.

At first glance, it's clear to see that this week is looking to hold some pretty heavy universal power. The presence of two Major cards is evident of that, and it's clear to me that instead of reflection, this week will be a period of acceptance. There won't be too much we'll be able to change, but we'll be able to listen and observe and hopefully take away the lessons the Universe is trying to teach us.

The Moon is an interesting card. Upright, it's a card of illusion, almost the antithesis of yesterday's COTD, The Star. By the light of the Moon, things aren't always as they appear. The path we're on is ripe with mysteries and uncertainties that are usually better explored and understood by the light of the Sun. It's a cautionary tale in "seeing is believing"; under the light of the Moon, that mantra may not always uphold.

Reversed, however, it's telling us that the intuition we need to follow that Moon-lit path to a brighter end may be blocked. Our natural guidance is being hindered in a way, and we may not be able to feel or see clearly in the week ahead; not necessarily on a physical level, but a spiritual and emotional one.

Temperance, then, is telling us to find balance in these days of mental vagueness. Take a look at your lot in life right now. School, work, family, friends, bills, car troubles, money problems; all of these responsibilities and predicaments  in life can add up and start to pull you in a million different directions. You may feel muddled and unclear, and the inner-voice needed to guide you through dark times is being blocked.

To clear up some of this mess, see what you can do to strategize, organize, and prioritize the people, events, and problems in your life. See what needs your upmost attention, see what can be put on the back burner, and see what can wait until next week.

With Mercury officially in retrograde and these two Majaors watching over us this week, now is a good time to finish the things we've started before beginning something else!