Finding Your Creativity

IMG_6044.JPG The inevitable has happened; "real life" and its responsibilities have taken a strong hold, and despite my best efforts and intentions, I haven't been able to dedicate enough time to this blog, my readings, the stack of books on my desk, my YouTube channel, and the garGANtuan to-do list of ideas and projects I want to get under way. While my passion hasn't died, between my day job, family obligations, and adult "duties" (grocery shopping, bill paying, errand running, etc.), time has not been on my side and I'm feeling less and less creatively inspired.

Obviously creativity is essential when building any brand or business, especially one that is centered around helping people; you need to keep the justices flowing in order to churn out ideas, projects, and services that will offer help and inspiration to different people with different needs.

So how can inspiration be found? The Tarot, of course! While feeling a bit sorry for myself this evening, I decided to go through my deck and intuitively pick the cards I felt could best spark or speak to my creativity. Some of the cards that caught my eye were pretty surprising; with 8 total, there seems to be a lot I can focus on to ensure that I'm able to keep creativity coming!

I shuffled and picked the 8 cards at random and this is how they spoke to me in terms of creative inspiration:

The High Priestess - Trusting my instincts and inner voice is paramount. If inspiration strikes me for a blog post or a video, I shouldn't wait until the "time is right" or I'm not as busy than I am when the idea came to me. I need to know that if my intuition speaks to me, I should act on it as soon as possible. The important thing is that I am able to express my ideas and thoughts so that they can reach people who want or possibly need to hear them. Is a perfectly edited video or blog post ideal? Of course, but it doesn't mean they have to be. As long as the message is clear and from the heart, a video recorded on my iPhone while on the train is better than shelving the idea and never finding the time to get it out of my mind and into the universe!

The Star - I must learn to never lose hope. Even when life gets chaotic and I just can't seem to "find the time", I need to remember that the Tarot, my intentions, and my passions are there to guide me. I may lose my path here and there, but I'll always be able to find my way back if I keep this in mind.

The Hanged Man - Look at things from a different perspective; it may be ok to take a break. If I'm go go go 24/7, burn out is inevitable and finding the will to get back in the game could be difficult. Taking time for myself is an occasional necessity that I need to remember to indulge in once and a while. Taking time to recharge guarantees I'll come back with full force!

The Seven of Cups - I have a lot of ideas and a lot of avenues for seeing them through. Keeping a consistent to-do list that I'm able to cross off and add to will help keep me focused and burn out avoidable. I also have so many AMAZING peers out there, most who have accomplished so much and have far more experience than I do. I need to remember that instead of comparing myself to them I should take every opportunity I have to learn from them. The internet is full of inspiring tarot readers, magick practitioners, astrologers, diviners, spiritual healers, and numerous other metaphysical instructors and business men and woman; I should absorb as much as I can from these amazing people as I continue to grow my business and practices, both professional and personal.

The Tower - Change is inevitable and I shouldn't be afraid to shake things up. This card is telling me to keep my mindset outside of the box whenever possible. I need to have a unique voice and vision if I want to shake up the foundations of what I'm doing to get my business and practices noticed. It may not always go as planned, but as long as the foundation is solid, there's always opportunity to rebuild from the rubble of what didn't work out.

The Lovers - Don't let the passion fade! I need to ensure that whatever choices I'm making allows the love for what I'm doing to come to full fruition. In a few words: don't half ass it. Creativity is such a driving force and it demands and deserves full-hearted attempts from me. As long as the creative fires are burning in me, I need to do everything in my power to ensure they're never extinguished.

The Eight of Swords - I am my own worst critic, and this is detrimental to the creative process. If I'm constantly comparing myself to other people or convincing myself I'm not smart enough or good enough to be a professional Tarot reader, then failing is inevitable. I need to free myself from the ties that bind and trust that, while I may not know everything, there is no shame is making a mistake and learning from it.

The Sun - Don't forget the joy! Tarot makes me happy, and running my own business has always been a dream of mine. This card is a reminder that this should be a joyous experience. There may be hard times and creative blocks, but at the end of the day it's an expression of something I'm passionate about. I need to remember that as long a I'm happy, I'm doing something right!

How can you find creative inspiration within the Tarot? Take a look at you deck(s) and see what speaks to you! You may be surprised where inspiration can strike within the 78 cards!