The Golden Tarot by Kat Black

IMG_6116.JPGI saw a picture on Facebook a few days ago of some beautiful cards but was unsure of the deck. I remembered this morning that I intended to ask where they were from, and after inquiring at the Tarot Professionals Facebook page, quickly learned they were from the Golden Tarot by Kat Black. Being the impulsive person I tend to be, and with the thanks of my Amazon Prime account, I was able to order the deck this morning with guaranteed delivery today!

It is a STUNNING deck. I planned on doing a video review, but my laptop was not agreeing and would not work correctly; so, a blog post it is!

IMG_6124.JPGThe very first thing I liked about the deck was the box. It's the perfect retainer for the cards and is made of strong, heavy duty cardboard that will surely hold up (unlike my RWS box...poor, little yellow guy).

IMG_6119.JPGThe next thing I immediately squealed to myself about were the gilded edges. GORGEOUS. They catch the light beautifully and make the deck look like a bar of gold when piled up perfectly.


IMG_6127.JPG The images of the cards are collaged from artwork dating back to the late Medieval period to the early Renaissance. As a traditionalist, I usually only resonate with decks that follow the RWS symbolism, and Ms. Black did a fantastic job staying true to the originals while putting her own unique spin on the cards. While there are heavy religious undertones, it is only because the artwork of that period was so heavily influenced by the culture's Christian beliefs. However, Ms. Black made sure that plenty of the occult and esoteric symbolism remained intact, so there's quite an interesting and intriguing juxtaposition.

While scanning the deck it occurred to me that I resonate with the cards so much due to my love of Medieval and Renaissance art. Having just visited the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, I was instantly brought back to the gilded frames, gargantuan frescos, and dramatic, touching stories told within the paintings. I am also reminded of one of my all-time favorite movies: Ever After. The costumes and time period of that movie are almost a perfect fit, and is just one more reason why I feel I connected with this deck so quickly.

All in all, a beautiful deck that I am excited to start utilizing. If you're looking for something just outside RWS, this may be one for you!