To Rebrand or Not to Rebrand

  I've always been someone who goes full speed ahead in everything I do. As an Aries, THE cardinal fire sign of the cardinal fire signs, I want to be sure that what I'm doing is 100% of my best 100% of the time.

Obviously, this is a double-edged sword; I'm always passionate about what I'm doing, but when I don't see the results I want right away I tend to get frustrated and move on before I give anything a chance to grow. I always have a solid "big picture" plan but get restless and change my mind when it comes to the details.

As the owner of a new business, all these Arian traits are rearing their heads; for better and for worse. It's nice to remember, however, that I can look to the cards when I'm having a problem; something I forget more than I should as a professional tarot reader! With all the decisions I've had to make regarding this business in such a short amount of time (like I said: when I make a decision, I run with it!), I can't help but second guess myself. Have I been doing the right things? Have I been approaching all of this the correct way? What could I have done better already?

After a relaxing 5 days away in BEAUTIFUL San Francisco and having started Christiana Gaudet's amazing book Fortune Stellar: What Every Professional Tarot Reader Needs to Know (I'm only on Lession 3 and can't put it down!), I've had some time to think and reflect, realizing something I didn't see before: Ashes and Wine Tarot is my brand and the name that I will utter to every potential client, querent, peer, and stranger when I speak about my business and profession. I have a website, a Twitter account, an Instagram, an e-mail address, clients, and (very soon) business cards that are all associated with that name, and in turn, my brand.

Being the fiery go-getter I am, I chose and plowed through with this brand without stopping to realize it would be such an important aspect of what I'd be doing. Naturally, I've started to wonder if this brand name is appropriate. I wanted something that would reflect the beautiful work tarot can do but would also be a little mysterious and romantic; Ashes and Wine Tarot (named after A Fine Frenzy's song Ashes and Wine) did both for me.

But, is it the right decision? I loved the idea of having something deeper and more creative than my name with "Tarot" attached to the end but have been wondering if maybe that's not a more viable choice when it comes to running a business; it's easy to remember, lets everyone know right away I read tarot, and  since it's my name, is easy identifiable with me. If something other than my name is better, is Ashes and Wine Tarot the right decision? A million other ideas have come and gone since I've started, and I've been second guessing myself quite a bit lately; so much to the point that I looked into what it would take to change my website's domain name.

After all this soul searching, I've finally decided to turn to the cards for an answer; after all, it's what I do!


I pulled two cards: the first would show what could happen if I kept my brand name, the second what could happen if I changed it.

The Page of Wands and The Tower. Pretty clear answer, right?

The Page of Wands is telling me that keeping things as is will continue to bring me growth, both creatively and within my business. It's letting me know that things are just coming to fruition, and uprooting it all too early could undo all that work I've put in so far.

Likewise, The Tower is letting me know that rash, unthought out actions could cause some serious damage which I am neither prepared nor willing to deal with or face this early on in my business. Changing my brand is going to cause more work than neccessary and will figuratively and most likely literally shake the weak foundations of my already fragile business past the point of repair.

Growth and creativity vs. destruction and damage? Looks like it would be in my best interest to keep what I have and keep on truckin'!

As a tarot reader and a new business owner, I thing it's important to remember that I too can look to the cards when I have a difficult decision to make. I often refrain from reading for myself due to personal and emotional biases I believe are difficult to take out of personal readings, but when I am truly stuck it's comforting to know I can achieve clarity though the cards.

It's important to practice what you preach, and today I can continue in my business with confidence I have gained from the cards!

All the best!