Card of the Day 11/13/2014: Let the Sunshine In (The Sun)

IMG_6493.JPGAnytime I get to mix showtunes with Tarot, you KNOW it's going to be a good day! The Sun is one of those undeniably happy cards in the Tarot deck. With its bright, warm colors, innocent depiction of a joyous child on horseback, and the general warmth and excitement it emits when pulled, this is a card you want to have on your side!

As I sit here and type this, it's currently 28 degrees and snowy here in Chicago. While the weather may not be what one would call celebratory, The Sun card urges you to greet today with love, passion, light, and warmth! At the risk of sounding corny, it's a great day to be alive, and no matter what hardships or difficulties you may be going through, The Sun serves as a reminder to let love in whenever you can. Find happiness in even the smallest things, and you'll be sure to feel it in return.