Card of the Day 11/10/2014: You'll Never Walk Alone (Eight of Cups)

IMG_6448.PNGToday may be the day to walk away from some pretty emotionally difficult stuff. It might be a relationship you need to get out, or maybe you need to have a tough conversation with a co-worker or family member.

You've done everything you can to ensure that all of your affairs are in order and you'll be leaving on good terms, but sometimes no matter even our best efforts, it's time to seek a new beginning elsewhere.

Take this as a chance to really look at what you want and how you'll be able to get it this time around. You may have missed the mark this time but it wasn't for lack of trying.

Keep your head held high, your eyes fixed on the road ahead of you, and your heart open to accept the love you deserve; what you want will appear when you're ready to receive it.