Card of the Day 11/14/2014: Shake Things Up (The Tower, reversed)

IMG_6506.PNGAccept the change. It's not going to be easy, and it'll probably hurt like hell, but you've seen it coming from a mile away and there's no denying it can't be put off much longer. Usually a card of unexpected change, The Tower reversed reminds us that sometimes it's best to treat an unfavorable circumstance like a band-aide; you know it has to come off, so do it quickly to make it as painless as possible.

Is there a relationship you know needs to end? Have you put off finding a new job even though your current one makes you miserable? Are you worried your new workout regime will fail you so you've continued putting it off?

You will never know your full potential until you at least TRY and rid yourself of bad habits and negative energies. You may still fail, but you'll never know how resilient you can be until you shake up your own foundations and keep rebuilding until you reach the top!