Card of the Day 11/17/2014: There's No "I" in Leader (The Emperor, reversed)

IMG_6545.PNG Atop his throne, The Emperor is one bad ass ruler. He knows what he wants, when he wants it, and exactly how to get it. He's the leader we should all aspire to be; confident, powerful, and self-assured. Reversed, he's telling us to make sure that these characteristics are not all we bring when we sit atop our throne. Whether you're the leader in the household, the bossman/lady at work, or view yourself as royalty in your everyday life, remember to also bring compassion, understanding, and heart to your rule. Any good leader will put his people's needs before his own, so the altruistic quantity required of any monarch is essential, especially today.

No one likes a stone-cold ruler, so be sure to leave the throne and be among those who love and support you; without them you wouldn't be the bad ass leader you are.