Card of the Day 11/21/2014: Be a Fast Folk, Not a Slow Polk (The Knight of Pentacles, reversed)

IMG_6600.PNGSpeed things up a bit today, especially when it comes to work and your financial success. The Knight of Pentacles is usually all about slow and steady winning the race, but reversed he urges you to put a little fire under your ass! Waiting to hear back from that job interview? Send a followup email. Need a little extra cash? Donate some of those summer clothes taking up space in your closet. Eager for a promotion ? Let your boss know! They're not mind readers, and the worst thing they can say is thanks but no thanks.

Today is all about action. Don't sit on your high horse and expect someone to do the work for you. Hop off, trek through the mud, and make your way toward what you want with a sense of urgency and drive!