Card of the Day 12/11/2014: Don't Be a Scrooge (Well, Maybe Just a LITTLE...; Four of Pentacles, reversed)

IMG_6897-0.JPGBe careful with your finances today. You don't want to be a miser, but now is not the time to spend frivolously. This time of year it can difficult to remember that on top of all the wonderful gifts you want to buy and give to your loved ones, there are also the extra expensive of holiday parties, baking supplies, decorations, and even higher utility bills due to increased heat and electricity usage (those icicle lights can't illuminate themselves!).

It might be a good idea to take care of all the necessities first; bills, rent, and other serious financial obligations. After that, see whats left and how you can divide it up to ensure all of your Holiday needs can be met. It may take some prioritizing, but it will leave you less stressed about money and more focused on enjoying your Holiday season!