Card of the Day 12/18/2014: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (Eight of Wands)

IMG_6978.JPGDon't be afraid to make some waves today! The Eight of Wands wants you to know today may be the perfect day to make some changes and create the results you want to see! Don't be complacent in accepting your situations as they are. If you want to see, feel, or do things other than what you're being presented with, then do something about it! Go after what it is you really want; life is too short to go with the flow. If you really want to see change you may need to swim against the current. It won't be easy, but the work you put into manifesting your own goals and results will be well worth it.

This time of year is ripe for setting goals for the New Year. Construct vision boards, put together bubble maps, buy planners and journals or workbooks; do whatever it is that will help you say goodbye to the this past year and look toward what changes and opportunities 2015 holds for you!