Card of the Day 12/27/2014: Expect the Unexpected (The Tower)

IMG_7059.JPGExpect the unexpected; that's the wisdom The Tower wants us to gleam from today. Too often we go through our days with an image of our perfect life, mapped out with every detail in place. The trouble is life has a way of stirring things up when we least expect it, causing our dream life to fall apart a bit.

What we need to work on realizing is that plans, no matter how finely detailed or exact, can't escape the wrenches life will always throw into our gears. The trick to dealing them these derailments is knowing that they're coming whether we expect  them to or not.

Making plans is fine, and at this time of year recommended, but keep in mind that at some point life will throw something unexpected at you. If you're prepared for it, the damage will be minimal. If you remain blissfully unaware, your foundations may crumble more than anticipated.