Card of the Day 12/9/2014: Pick a Little, Talk a Little (Queen of Swords, reversed)

IMG_6874.PNGWatch what you say and how you say it. The Queen of Swords usually indicates strong mental capabilities and clear lines of communication, but reversed warns that you may have trouble turning your thoughts into words and may come off cold, harsh, or even uninformed. Today is a day to really think before you speak. If you have a hard time finding the words, there may be a reason. Be sure that any thoughts and feelings you have are completely formed and understood before you go and share them verbally. Free speech is obviously a right, but if you risk hurting someones feeling or spouting off inaccurate facts, the outcome may be less than ideal for you or the people around you.

Instead, try journaling. Write down everything you'e thinking, feeling, and wishing. Even if it's just a stream of consciousness  and makes little to no sense, the very act of putting pen to paper to release your thoughts and feelings can be surprisingly cathartic.