Card of the Day 12/1/2014: Those Were the Days (Six of Cups)

IMG_6737.PNGToday may leave you feeling nostalgic, longing for the days when life was simpler and worries were no greater than which toys you were sharing with your siblings. This kind of reminiscing is good for the soul; it keeps you connected to your past when your present may seem stressful or overwhelming. Remember it fondly and know that those days help mold you into the person you are.

Be mindful, however, that you don't get lost in memories past. It's nice to go back, but wallowing in better days or simpler times could distract from your present and living life to the fullest. Even if things aren't perfect, they can't get better if they don't have your attention.

Take solace in the past, be present in the moment, and keep your eye on the future; acknowledging all three helps keep you grounded, excited, and hopeful!