Card of the Day 12/12/2014: Then vs. Now (Six of Cups, reversed)

IMG_6925.JPGLonging for days passed? The Six of Cup reversed speaks to a yearning for simpler times, when the most stress you encountered was when your favorite crayon broke or the toy store was out of the one doll you wanted. It's good to reminisce, but don't let it deter you from the all the great things you have in your life now. Yes, it's harder to find pleasure in the small things as we get older; but that's the great thing about those little daily treasures. They're not as visible, so when you do find them they instantly become sweeter.

Remember the past fondly, but don't forget to look at the present with just as much reverence. There's so much to love and be thankful for right now; you just need to be open to it.