Card of the Day 12/13/2014: Let 'em Burn (Queen of Wands, reversed)

IMG_6931.PNGDon't let anything or anyone stifle your creativity today. The Queen of Wands is all about embracing your passions, but reversed indicates that today your creative fires may have some problems igniting. Get back to the roots of why it is you do what you do. Be it write, paint, sing, blog, dance, run a business, or even passionately pursue a hobby, use today to examine why you started and what it is that motivates you.

Amidst the ins and outs of everyday life it can be difficult to remember what it is that keeps us chasing our dreams, especially if they don't come to fruition as often or as much as we'd like. Today is the perfect day to remind yourself what keeps you going, what problems you may have, and how you're able to tackle them head on.

Remember that it's your passions that help give you a luster for life. If they're in danger of being extinguished, it's up to you to fan the flames until they're ablaze once again!