Card of the Day 12/17/2014: Balance is the New Black (Two of Pentacles, reversed)

IMG_6972.JPGToday is less about finding a balance than it is keeping it. The Two of Pentacles reversed indicates that today may call for juggling several things at once, and the trick will be not letting it all fall apart in front of you. It may be a good idea to take things one at a time. The temptation to do everything at once is strong when life gets busy and hectic; we want to finish as much as possible as soon as possible. However, today is all about prioritizing, and that approach may not be ideal.

Instead, be sure that two or three of the most important tasks and responsibilities get done today. Trying to get it all done won't do you any good if the results only reach half their potential due to rushing or a lack of detail attention. Get clear with what you can effectively accomplish today and make a solid plan for tomorrow; this could help you keep your juggling act from hitting the floor!