Card of the Day 12/23/2014: Love Will Keep Us Together (Knight of Cups)

IMG_7030.JPGThe Knight of Cups indicates action and emotion meet in a serendipitous concoction of love, romance, and the potential to be swept off your feet. Be open to love today, both giving and receiving. You may not need or be Prince Charming, but don't let that stop you from showing compassion or acting on your feelings. Too often we're afraid to show our emotions out of fear of ridicule or judgement. Today's card let's us know that letting them flow freely has the potential to open us up to a world of expression and untapped emotional potential.

Don't be hesitant if your heart beats a bit faster or your mind starts to daydream a bit today. Love could be in the air, and if it's something you're after you don't want to miss out!