Card of the Day 12/24/2014: An Ending to Enjoy (Ten of Swords)

IMG_7035.JPGA bit of a shocking card to pull on Christmas Eve, but it's message is truly a positive one. With the Holidays now officially upon us, it's time to end the mental anguish of what to gift to whom, what family members you'll need to see or avoid, how much money you're spending, or if you'll have enough time to bake, cook, and cleanup for all of your guests. Put all the stress and worry behind you; it's over.

Enjoy these next two days with family and friends and bask in the love and light of the world around you. With so much pain and suffering going on, now is the time ideal time to show gratitude and love do all those people and circumstance in your life which truly make you happy.

Whatever it is you celebrate, enjoy yourself and do everything you can to carry warm wishes, love, and light with you all year round.

Happiest of Holidays to you!