Card of the Day 12/3/2014: Think Before You Act (Two of Swords)

IMG_6767.PNGYou have some important decisions to make, so be sure to take the proper time and care before deciding what the answers are. In today's fast-paced world, we're often called in to make quick-draw decisions regarding a lot of what impacts our daily lives. Instant gratification is the norm for us, and thinking things through properly is a practice not often utilized at work, home, and within the other facets of our day to day lives.

The Two of Swords indicates that today will require us to stop and think before we say "Yes" or "No", "This" or "That". It's an invitation to examine the pros and cons, weigh all the options, and even take ourselves out of the situation for awhile by perhaps taking a walk or putting any decisions on the proverbial back burner until we feel ready to move forward.

Anything you decide today should be done with care; the potential of living with the results for a while is a big possibly, so it's important time and consideration are factors in any decisions today.