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Christmas, family drama and stress- A tarot to-do list!

It’s that time of the year again… Christmas celebrations are around the corner!

And while for the most part Christmas can very exciting and fun with many things to be thankful for, we cannot ignore the scenarios which potentially turn Christmas into a stressful event. And I am not just talking about the stress of making shopping lists and the usual Christmas shenanigans.… Let me explain what I mean…!

The other day, I was taking a much needed cognitive break, which in other words & in my world means chilling with a friend over coffee and tarot, and we got talking about the upcoming Christmas break of course. My dear friend hails from a large extended family and like every year she has plans to spend Christmas Eve 2014 with the grand clan!!

What surprised me though was that she was not only NOT looking forward to the D-day, but also that she was full of very un-Christmas-y stories of family cold wars, resentments and complicated relationships that had made their way into their way into my friend’s Christmases! That’s the kind of Christmas stress I am talking about in this post! The relationships and the invariable comings and goings of family, friends and old and new people in our lives during this magical time of Christmas!

Whether you come from a large family or a small one, this Christmas scenario is very relatable-thanks to Hollywood! We all have had our share of fun watching the drama unfold in Christmas movies with its very colourful characters that make up the engineered Hollywood family - but the same drama in real life is hardly ever similar to the movies!! At times the complicated fabric of family relationships is not that pleasant, not as funny and the stereotypical happy ending is often absent from the picture. All you can really do then, is to learn how to deal with it!!

My friend, for example, tells me a tale of how hurt her grandpa is knowing that (as usual) one of his sons has refused to show up for Christmas,  a somewhat weird aunt who comes in….sits in a corner. And leaves precisely in an hour. And of another alcoholic cousin who drinks and speaks more than he should of his resentments and thoughts about the rest of the family….I could go on..but I don’t want to.

Sounds not very Christmas like of course, but some of us, will be dealing with family drama, I realize that now. If you are one of the lucky few ones who does not relate to this post- I am happy for you! But for some, Christmas will be a time to brace for the oncoming complications arising out of relationships!

Such behaviours exist for a host of reasons. I am not making a judgement call in any way when I point them out. And neither do I ask you to do so on anyway. As a lover and devout student of psychology I know that from the outside, it is not only wrong but also impossible to make a correct judgement call for any behaviours, in isolation- that is without knowing or understanding the history. But, as anyone else would, I see how this could affect anyone at the receiving end of these behaviours.

So, I being the tarot reader and all ☺… decided to pull a few cards as advice that might help us spend this Christmas like it’s supposed to- focused on our own rejuvenation and fun! I believe it’s possible to accomplish that- with the right midset and attitude..

I am consulting my Osho Zen Tarot here... one of my favourite tarot decks ever….!!

Ok, so let’s get reading the 3 key pieces of advice these cards have to offer for the Christmas family drama!


The first two cards I got are Maturity and Letting Go: It’s very easy to get caught up with feelings of resentment, dislike or dare I say it- hatred, when it comes the behaviours we receive from others.

These two cards urge you to be the bigger, better and the mature one in such cases.

It truly boils down to this one truth really-  Understand that a hurtful behaviour is more about the other person actually and less about you.

That kind of mature thinking helps us process our reactive feelings in a healthier way , making it easy to simply let go.

Can you imagine how liberating this will feel as well for you and your soul!!?


The second set of cards – and I drew 3 for this one- remind us that within this drama lies that magical meeting of souls we love, during Christmas and THAT my friend, must not be forgotten.

Sure there are some people you might be bracing yourself to meet with but there definitely are a handful , I am sure, that you are actually looking forward to meet? Focus on that. Connect with them and re-energize your soul - like the first two cards of this trio urge us to.

After all, Christmas break is meant for that re-energization of the soul and of re-infusing our lives with the loving vibes of the people in our life that truly love us and cherish us...and miss us during the rest of year perhaps… !!?

WHO ARE YOU looking forward to seeing? ☺ 

The last card of the trio – Innocence reminds me of grandparents, or older parents…just with the image this card holds.

Oh how I wish my grandparents were still around!!

They were such a great source of comfort and no matter how old I get, they remind me of the innocent times when as I child I have been pampered and spoiled with their love.

Take this Christmas time to spoil them back … You are lucky if you have them around. Cherish that. Really ☺


And last but not the least- let’s not forget what Christmas is REALLY ABOUT.

They say there is a lot of strength is prayer of course, but that the effect is amplified many times over when there’s prayer on a mass scale – which is bound to happen during Christmas.

Yes, it’s disputable whether the great ascended master Jesus was really born or not born on what we celebrate as his birthday, but you know what- it doesn’t matter.

What matters is the fact that we do believe collectively, that this is when he was born on earth- an incarnate of pure Godly energy- which makes the earthly vibe sacred and so much more amplified for our meditations and prayer.

So take some time away from the chilling and partying and drinking and dancing and spend it alone communing with the Lord himself.

His mission in life was and is to guide souls – so ask him for guidance with whatever you have on your mind. Give him your troubles and your pains and surrender your soul …or whatever else your meditation style is. Which also doesn’t matter by the way. He doesn’t care about candles or cake…just sit down and talk to him. That’s ENOUGH.

If there is nothing else that you have planned this Christmas for several reasons, make sure to at least do this last one bit.

The earth will vibrate with some pure, potent spiritual energy on Christmas… Will be around to feel it?

Have a blessed Christmas you guys!

Merry Christmas from me to you! ☺

  • Indie

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